Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Papers and Reports

The Sustainable Communities Division is happy to host and share papers, reports, presentations, and other information related to sustainability planning.

2017 SCD Member Survey

The results of the 2017 SCD Member Survey are now available! There were a total of 64 responses with detailed feedback about how we’re doing as a division. (Note, this survey was conducted prior to the change in APA membership policy that resulted in a large number of new student members joining the division. A separate outreach effort to these new members is expected in the future).

Letter from the Division Chair

Read from Scott Turner, the Chair of the Sustainable TurnerCommunities Division, about the Division’s progress and achievements in the past few years, as well as the blueprint of the coming years.


The Sustainable Communities Division holds a series of programs such as Bi-weekly BulletinsSustainability Champions, Webinars, Awards for Excellence in Sustainability, etc., in order to promote sustainability practice and concepts, support planners who are committed to planning for sustainable communities, and enhance communication between professionals and with the public.

Please visit the Programs page for more information.


We have created a flyer aimed at promoting the APA-SCD. Please bring a few to your state chapter meeting, and share at other venues as you like. They work well printed or electronic.

We appreciate your help in promoting the Division!

2015 Performance Report

2015 SCD Member Survey

The results of the 2015 SCD Member Survey are now available! 122 individuals completed the survey. Overall, the survey results show that there is a desire for hands-on tools such as model codes and guides, as well as training opportunities such as webinars.

2014 Performance Report