Awards for Excellence in Sustainability

The Sixth Annual Awards for Excellence in Sustainability

We are excited to announce that the nomination period for the Sixth Annual Awards for Excellence in Sustainability is now open! The APA Sustainable Communities Division Awards for Excellence in Sustainability is an annual program that honors projects, plans, policies, individuals, and organizations dedicated to supporting sustainable communities. Each year, the award winners are announced during the annual National Planning Conference.

  • DEADLINE: Entries will be accepted November 2, 2018, through 5:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday, January 11, 2019.
  • INFORMATION PACKET: Please download and review the information packet and the nomination requirements carefully, as the submission format and several requirements have changed from previous years.**Update: Please see the bottom of this page for clarifications about eligibility.**
  • WEB FORM: Unlike previous years, all entry nominations shall be submitted via web form.
    • You must fill out the form all at once (i.e., you cannot save and come back).
    • We suggest you utilize this Word document to prepare the text that you will need to provide prior to starting the form.
    • If you submit the form once and would like to re-submit before the end of the nomination period, please feel free to do so. We will review only the most recently-completed form.
  • QUESTIONS AND UPDATES: We will keep track of any FAQs and process updates on this page. If you have questions or would like to be directly notified of any substantial updates, please send an email to the awards coordinator at
    • Regarding the eligibility of competition entries: Competition entries are not eligible for nomination, unless they have been fully adopted as a plan or are moving forward into implementation.
    • Regarding the eligibility of entities employing people currently serving in national leadership positions: Any entity that currently employs APA staff or members of the APA-SCD Awards Jury, APA-SCD Executive Committee, APA Board of Directors, and/or AICP Commission is ineligible to receive an award. [This is meant to clarify the following sentence on page 3 of the 2019 Information Packet: “Any entity that employs APA members currently serving in national leadership positions (including APASCD or other leadership positions, elected or not) is ineligible to be nominated.”]

Past Awards: