What is the status of APA’s Planning for Sustainability Policy Guide?

At the APA National Conference in Seattle in April, the Delegate Assembly convened and gave constructive feedback on the draft Planning for Sustainability Policy Guide.  The Planning for Sustainability Policy Guide draft was proposed as an updated guide to the current Sustainability Policy Guide from 2000 by the Sustainable Communities Division (SCD) and APA’s Legislative and Policy Committee (LPC). 

After receiving and considering comments from delegates, the Legislative and Policy Committee formed a Sustainability Framework Subcommittee of LPC members and the past chair of the Sustainable Communities Planning Division.  The Sustainability Framework Subcommittee was charged with developing a Sustainability Framework Document. This change in direction was identified to due to the complexity and broad nature of sustainability, which was confirmed by the various comments received. The purpose of the Sustainability Framework Document is to advance not as a Policy Guide, but as a Sustainability Framework that incorporates sustainability in APA’s various programs, work products as well as integrating sustainability practices in APA’s ongoing activities and the Development Plan.

The Sustainability Framework will be on the agenda for discussion at the Policy Forum to be held in Washington, D.C. later this month as part of the Policy & Advocacy Conference.   After getting feedback at the forum, the draft will be reviewed by the full LPC to identify next steps in preparing a recommendation for the APA Board, which could take place at the Board’s Winter Retreat in January.

Thank you to the many SCD members who have participated in the process to date!  Another update will be provided following the Policy Forum.


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