EVENT: Open strategy meeting @ APA conference

Join us for a lively, creative session in Los Angeles! We’ll chart out our next steps for pushing a robust sustainability agenda within the APA. Coffee, tea, scones, fruit, and flip charts galore made possible by our generous sponsors (please let us know if you’re coming so we order enough!).

APA-SCP Open Strategy Meeting
Sunday, April 15th @ 11:45 am – Gold Salon 4, J.W. Marriott


Settle in, grab your drink and scones, etc. (5 minutes)

A. Overview presentation about APA-SCP, our accomplishments, and our goals. (10 minutes)

B. Group breakouts; come up with next steps that identified people can do (20 minutes):

–1.) COMMUNICATION: With interest in sustainability skyrocketing, the need for effective, interactive communication on sustainable community planning issues is greater than ever. What can this group do to facilitate better communication among planners — and also between planners and APA?

–2.) CLEARINGHOUSE PROJECT: Planners have long wished for a thorough, vetted, up-to-date, crowdsourced one-stop-shop for sustainable community planning resources. What can this group do about it? (One idea is here.)

–3.) ORGANIZATION: We may be just an ad hoc all-volunteer APA Interest Group, but we also now have over 1,500 members and the attention of APA leadership. What can we do to ensure that our members can meaningfully participate, while also getting things done on volunteer power and staying true to our mission, effective, and relevant?

C. Reconvene; report-backs to main group. (15 minutes)

D. Wrap-up facilitated discussion to identify points of overlap, emergent ideas. (20 minutes)

E. Conclusion: Acknowledge what people said they’re going to do. See you on online! (5 minutes)


APA-SCP 2012 poster


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